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RealPresence® Room Solutions

Polycom® RealPresence® TM and Packaged Solutions

Pre-packaged solutions that feature the latest in high-performance room video conferencing and are customizable to accommodate the needs of the meeting space—all in a single SKU.

  • Polycom RealPresence Medialign–easy-to-deploy all-in one video collaboration solution that features a modern, innovative design with an unmatched user experience.
  • Polycom Media Centers–packaged, turnkey solutions with HD displays, smart cable management, and surround-sound audio
  • Polycom® RealPresence® Utility Cart 500–Movable video conferencing solution that brings experts on location
  • Polycom® RealPresence® EduCartTM 500–Voice and video collaboration for every learning and training scenario, inany environment
  • Polycom® RealPresence® VideoProtectTM 500–Hardened video unit to be wall-mounted in public areas forjudicial and customer service application

    Polycom® RealPresence® Group Series (310, 500, 700)

    Next-generation HD video, voice, and content sharing capabilities for conference rooms, classrooms, and meeting spaces across any organization.

    • Breakthrough simple user interface speeds video adoption and lowers IT support costs
    • Multiple control options, including Polycom® SmartPairing® technology so your employees can startcollaborating instantly—even with their iPad or PC
    • Enable more people to join calls without requiring a separate bridge with up to 8-way multipoint
    • Innovative camera and audio options to t the needs of any workspace or meeting room

Polycom® RealPresence CentroTM Collaboration Solution

  • RealPresence Centro changes the way people collaborate so that the technology is no longer a distraction to engagement and interaction, but a seamless, empowering experience that de es distance.
  • Revolutionary–First video collaboration solution purpose-built to center on collaboration, enabling teams to meet in a circle to brainstorm, ideate and solve your most challenging problems
  • Intelligent–Freely move around the space and remain on camera while tracking sensors and cameras automatically frame your every move
  • Engaging–See everyone ‘front & center’; hear every nuance with integrated premium audio
  • Powerful–Share mission critical content from your personal device with a simple touch
  • Simplevv–Easily interact from any of the 4 touch-sensitive monitors; connect in minutes

Polycom® RealPresence Trio

  • The rst smart hub for group collaboration that transforms the iconic three-point phone into a voice, video and content sharing system that can t in any team environment, large or small.
  • World’s clearest and richest audio experience powered by new, patented technology1
  • Complete visual collaboration with HD content sharing and real-time video interaction
  • Faster adoption and user preference with wired or wireless pairing of your portable devices (BYOD)
  • Easy-to-use touch interface minimizes mistakes and speeds connection with “one touch join”
  • Simple administration and investment protection via support for Power-over-Ethernet, Zero-Touch Deploymentand connection to leading call platforms
  • A ordably priced for mass adoption

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Hotline Support Polycom : 0902.646556
phone +(84) 871087979 – EXT: 108
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Tổng Hợp Các Dòng Sản Phẩm Polycom

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